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About Kefi Wellness

Pilates and Massage Therapy in Norwich, Also covering sprowston,costessey and barnham broom


Behind the name

κεφι (Greek): The spirit of joy, passion, happiness

In Greece κέφι (kefi) is simply a word for experiencing something positive. It encompasses a whole soul and body experience. The real benefit is being able to maintain this energy in your daily life even when times aren’t at their best. A way to deal with pain and hardships whilst achieving a carefree moment of ultimate happiness. In other words, Kefi is the desire to take the pain away and turn it into joy.

Kefi Wellness was founded by Beth, a highly skilled Pilates Teacher and Massage Therapist based in Norwich. Pilates has always been in the background of Beth’s life, having been introduced to it at an early age by her mother, who was also a Pilates Teacher. 

Beth had been working full-time as a production manager, and as her career progressed, so did the stress, back issues and fatigue. This lifestyle gradually began to take its toll and so Beth made the conscious decision to slow down and focus on her lifestyle and well-being. 

This is when she made her way back to Pilates. As she became fitter and stronger her mental health improved too, and she found she was able to achieve the balance that she’d been striving for. In 2015 she took the big leap and left her high pressured job to train with Body Control Pilates as a Pilates Teacher in Norwich.

As Beth has evolved Kefi Wellness, her experience, knowledge and understanding has evolved too. She has developed a natural curiosity for the ways in which body and mind are connected, and how much of what we experience emotionally effects us physically (and vice versa). As well as the continual development of her Pilates teaching practice, Massage was a natural progression in Beth’s training and she qualified as a ITEC Massage Therapist in 2017. 

Based in various locations around Norwich including Norwich city centre, Sprowston, Costessey and Barnham Broom under the name Kefi Wellness, Beth brings together her knowledge and expertise in both Pilates and Massage Therapy. Motivated by her desire to help others find their own balance in life staying true to the meaning of Kefi.

Discover how Beth’s Pilates and Massage sessions could benefit your health and well-being.


Victoria is a qualified Body Control Pilates Matwork teacher and has an extensive knowledge of how the body should move, having also previously trained in dance at Tiffany Theatre College.
She has a passion for movement and understanding the connection between mind and body, focusing on encouraging strong, controlled mindful movement to enable the body to work at its full potential.Victoria first came across the Pilates method when she was dancing and found it was the perfect partner to her training, increasing her awareness of her movement and allowing her to continue to strengthen and tone her body.

She found it the perfect way to unwind whilst keeping her body strong and supple - much needed in the dance world. She took the step back from professional dancing and decided to get her Pilates qualification, in the hopes of passing on the knowledge she has learnt from her career so far.She loves working with clients to help them gaina better understanding of their own bodies and reach their full potential.


Our Services



Pilates is a specific form of exercise and body conditioning that targets muscles with precision to produce real results in posture, core strength, muscle tone, flexibility and balance.

Here at Kefi Wellness we run weekly Pilates classes in Norwich City centre, also covering the Sprowston, Costessey and Barnham Broom area. Classes include Group Pilates, Reformer Pilates, and private Matwork Pilates. We also teach private sessions at home, in studios, and in the workplace.



Massage Therapy is recognised as one of the oldest methods of healing. Performed by highly skilled massage therapists, at Kefi Wellness we take the time to ensure all of our Massage sessions are bespoke and tailored to the individual. Our holistic approach to Massage Therapy means that no two massages will be the same.

In the relaxing setting of The Barn Beauty Rooms, Sprowston, you can choose from our range of message therapies including Natural Face-Lift Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage and Myofascial Massage.

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Events &


Our events and retreats explore Pilates, Massage and other complementary practices chosen deliberately by Beth in order to address all aspects of well-being. Kefi Wellness exists to offer a method for everyone who wants support in making changes to find their own balance in life.